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Eucharistic Jacquard Chasuble

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YC778 This line of jacquard chasubles is a higher quality version of the everyday chasuble. The woven jacquard base fabric resists wrinkles and drapes well. The velvet orphrey is adorned with gold lace for a more elegant look. Available in four popular liturgical colors of red, green, purple and white.

    • Includes matching inner stole
    • Velvet cowl neck and orphrey
    • Gold embroidered Chi Rho with Grapes and Wheat design on front and back
    • Dyed-to-match Velcro® side closures for non-slip fit
    • Material: Classic Jacquard/Velvet with gold embroidery and gold lace
    • Size: 59 x 51" L
    • Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only