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IHS Hospital Pyx

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RS151 IHS is an ancient monogram formed from the first three letters - Iota, Eta, and Sigma - of the Greek word for Jesus: IHSOUS. The letters also represent the phrase Iesous Hominum Salvator: Jesus, savior of man. Use our IHS communion pyx to safely carry consecrated hosts to sick and hospitalized. This provides an important link and allows them to take part in a fundamental part of being Catholic when they can't attend the sacred ceremony. This polished brass communion pyx with a gold finish will remind both the Eucharistic Minister and the person receiving the Eucharist of the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us. Holds 20-25 hosts and fits in burse 61904.

    • Material: Gold Finish
    • Size: 3-1/8" Dia x 1" D