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2024 Living Liturgy

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9780814668061 Living Liturgy™ 2024 provides practical, sound, and inspiring content from expert authors to enrich your parish liturgy and ministry. A robust formation program, Living Liturgy™ offers the readings, plus insightful reflections and contextual background information for Sundays, Solemnities, and additional feasts of liturgical and national importance. This best-selling annual resource is ideal for parish ministers, liturgists, pastors, planning committees, and RCIA programs. An entirely new resource prepared for each liturgical year, Living Liturgy™ gives your team the spiritual preparation they need to serve in their ministries, integrating daily living, prayer, and study in an inviting and easy-to-use format. Engaging art by Ruberval Monteiro da Silva, OSB, complements the text and invites further reflection on the Gospel of the day. This indispensable guide deepens a liturgical spirituality and strengthens the worship experience for the whole parish.


  • Spirituality, Celebration, and Catechesis for Sundays and Solemnities Year B (2024)
  • Jessie Bazan, Brenna Davis, Stephanie DePrez, Rachel Drotar, M. Roger Holland, II, Orin E. Johnson, Jessica Mannen Kimmet, Victoria McBride, Barbara E. Reid, OP, Janèt Sullivan Whitaker, Steven C. Warner, Kate Williams; Art by Ruberval Monteiro da Silva
  • ISBN: 9780814668061, 6806
  • 328 pgs
  • 8 1/2 x 10 7/8 x 5/8