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6-1/2" Congregational Candles with Drip Protectors - 50 Ct.

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WDS015 This set provides all the necessary items needed for any candlelight church service or prayer gathering. Included are 1/2" diameter x 6-1/2" height devotional candles from Will & Baumer® which are the ultimate disposable candle and drip protectors (bobeches). Designed with safety, functionality and durability in mind, these drip protectors are specially designed to be adjustable on the candle, yet fit securely. They are made with a special flame retardant incorporated in the plastic to provide that extra measure of safety while providing drip protection. Ideal for prayer vigils, Christmas Eve, Good Friday, baptisms or other seasonal events.
  • Candles: 6-1/2" H, Bobeches: 2-3/4" Dia x 3/8"
  • Box of 50